Knysna's traffic heroes in action

Smiley, as he is known, directing traffic at the busy George Rex intersection in Knysna. Story, photos and video by editor Elaine King.

KNYSNA NEWS FLASH & VIDEOS - Smiley, as he is known by all, has been a pointsman (traffic controller) in Knysna for 10 years and is part of a highly skilled and dedicated team of pointsmen who have been on duty since December 10, when the busy holiday season started.
On Friday, January 6, at 11:00, Smiley was caught in action in hectic traffic at the George Rex intersection where there are no traffic lights. Instead of a complete traffic chaos, Smiley turned the heavy vehicle flow into what he calls his “magic flow.”
Read the Knysna-Plett Herald next week to see the full story about these amazing men and women from the Knysna municipality who have worked tirelessly this holiday season in dangerous conditions and will do so until January 10, when the heaviest traffic flow is over.

Watch a video interview with Smiley, below:
Watch Knysna municipality traffic hero in action below:
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