Rain brings mudslide into home

The mudslide caused a huge mess inside the home. Photo: Julie Jefferys


KNYSNA NEWS FLASH - Erosion control cyclinders (also called soil sausages) placed in the Western head area of Knysna, did not stop a mudslide last week.

Working on Fire (WoF) teams have been placing “sausages” in and around Knysna. 

These are compost filled tubes that have proven to be an effective solution for soil erosion while facilitating new vegetation growth for a permanent run-off protection solution and as silt barriers.

Rain which fell on August 16 and 17 was welcome, but it created a huge mess for a Lake Brenton homeowner.

The mud slip happened at the bottom of the road to Lake Brenton on the evening of August 17.

Heather and Andrew Stuart’s intention to turn in for the night was interrupted when a deluge of mud hit their property at 21:20 and swept through the garden and parts of their house leaving a deep layer of mud on the floors and over the furniture.

Heather stated that she was very relieved that the family and pets were all fine, but was not looking forward to the clean-up – which will take some time. 

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