GR300: Choice selection of venues

Organisers of the Garden Route 300 mountain bike race have settled on a choice selection of venues for this year’s event, which starts in Knysna on April 28. Photo: Julie Ann Photography

KNYSNA NEWS - Perched over the lagoon, the Knysna Yacht Club will provide a spectacular new start and finish venue for the opening stage of the Garden Route 300 mountain bike race next month.
Race director Patric Mosterd says the event, which takes place in and around the indigenous forests of the coastal hamlet from April 28 to 30, has settled on a choice selection of locations for each of the stages.
“The venues have been chosen to upgrade the riders’ experience another notch and the Knysna Yacht Club will be the only venue in town,” he says.
Even then, he adds, day one’s official finish line would be at the edge of the suburban part of Knysna, allowing riders to enjoy a cool-down section to the race village.
“It will also eliminate unnecessary risks from having to race through traffic.”
Besides day one, he says all the venues are closer to the forest, or even in the forest, and will make for a much safer journey for the riders.
Mosterd says the yacht club will be the hub of operations building up to the race as it is also the venue for registration.
He says participants will be able to collect their numbers and goodie bags from 16:00 to 21:00 at the venue on April 27, while supper will be available from 18:00.
“Besides the spectacular environment that the yacht club offers, it is close to the Waterfront, giving riders a wide variety of entertainment options both before and after the race.”
The second stage will take place in the Garden Route Trail Park, with the start and finish on an adjacent dairy farm.
“There will be showers and lunch at the venue for all competitors,” says Mosterd.
He feels that one of the highlights of the race will be the prize-giving and final lunch at Simola Golf Estate, in front of which the third stage is set to start and finish.
“This is a five-star venue with spectacular views over Knysna and on the doorstep of the final day’s uphill finish.”
Mosterd says each venue will comfortably cater for the riders’ needs.
“They each have a unique atmosphere and lunch will be served at the venues, creating a varied experience each day.
“Each venue has plenty of parking, but participants are encouraged to ride their bikes to the starts of day one and day three.”
Mosterd says they have introduced a number of initiatives to ensure the quality of the event and he asks starters to download the GPX files to their navigation devices to assist them on the route.
“We would like to see if we can get everyone on this type of navigation system to add a new element of adventure,” he says.
“Tom-Tom will be present at the race to assist anyone who might want more information.”
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