The realm of the impossible

Retah McPherson and her eldest son, Aldo. Photo: Supplied

Retah McPherson’s life was turned upside down almost a decade ago when she experienced one of the most horrific scenes a parent can go through. After a freak car accident in which their car rolled, both her children were missing from the wreckage. What she found there and the emotional and spiritual journey it would take her and her family on, would eventually culminate in her ministering all over the world for the past seven years.

Son’s broken body
"I found Aldo, my eldest son there, lying in the bushes, that dark night in June. When I got to him, he was already in a coma. His skull was cracked and he was bleeding from the ears. I fell over him, trying my best to find a pulse. But I couldn’t find a pulse. As a mother, I just knew life was draining out of his body," McPherson recalls that terrible night.
"In that moment, lying over him like that, I realized whoever you are, however much money you have - only God has power over life and death."

An electrical bolt
While McPherson was still lying over her son’s broken body, a car tried who was trying to avoid the accident scene on the other side of the road, didn’t realise he was heading right for the mother and son in the dark bushes.
"I realized I had to jump up, otherwise this man will drive right over us! I jumped up, and he stopped literally one foot from me. I looked into the huge lights of this 4 x 4, and something happened in my heart. A shock went through me, and my whole body started shaking as if electrical shocks were going through me. And then I was calm, and the peace that surpasses all understanding came over me."

Saying Good-bye
I called to my husband Tinus that I found Aldo. We called for the emergency helicopter and a young man arrived. He pushed a knife into Aldo’s lungs and told me that his lungs collapsed. "You must say your goodbyes," he told me.
Another couple stopped at the scene, both medical doctors. The woman said to me that she was also a mother, but that it was time to say goodbye to Aldo. The helicopter left with him on board, and we followed in an ambulance. When we arrived at the hospital, he was already in the theatre for a four-hour long operation. A big, burly doctor walked up to me and said: "Ma’am, I’m not sure if your son will make it."

A Stranger Rebukes Death
I remember back at the accident scene, a car stopped, and a black man got out and started praying: "Satan, in the name of Jesus, no death will take place here tonight."
The unknown man kept saying: "This boy will live and he will not die," repeating it over and over again.
I was standing there in dazed shock, looking at him, thinking to myself: "Retah, would you have done this? Would you have stopped at the scene of an accident to pray for anyone?"
McPherson says that only that night did she truly realized what the Good Samaritan described in Luke 10 was all about. "I realized that night that I wasn’t Jesus’ hands, that I’ve never been. And I praise God for that praying man."

The Dream
When Aldo came out of theatre, he was kept alive artificially by machines. During this time McPherson had a profound, spiri-tual dream.
"I experienced in my spirit that I was watching my child die."
In her dream she told her son that she was letting him go and she heard him answered her: "Mom, speak life over me! Speak life!" In the dream she did so immediately. "In the name of Jesus, you shall live, and you shall have life in abundance." I said it, and the minute I said it, I saw how his fingers started growing again and how the colour came back to his lips. My whole being shook."
The next morning early, back at the hospital, my husband told me that we had nearly lost Aldo during the night. I told my husband about my dream, so we began marching around his hospital bed, speaking life, speaking life!

The Invitation
Earnest seekers who want to push through to the ‘realm of the impossible’ are invited to come listen to the rest of McPherson’s incredible story - how God met with her and her son after his machines were switched off after his heartbeat fell to 28 beats.
"People seek God, but out of their flesh and not in the spirit dimension. When my spirit was broken, I experienced Him. My son who is 19 years old today, is not perfect - he talks and moves slowly, he has a hanging eye, but I have learned to experience God’s presence and to live in His Kingdom now, does not depend on your circumstances . . ."

Free of Charge
Retah McPherson will minister as the Spirit leads her for three consecutive days at the Brenton-on-Sea community hall. (Follow the arrows that will be posted everywhere from the Brenton-on-Sea turn-off from N2 just outside Knysna; community hall on the left before you enter Brenton) Started tomorrow, Friday, May 6 at 19:00, Saturday, May 7 at 09:00 till 17:00 with breaks inbetween and on Sunday, May 8 from 09:00 till 10:30 with koeksusters and scons afterwards. Entry absolutely free of charge. Bring your appetite for Him! For more information kindly contact Joanne Meyer at 083 624 1522.


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