A clean car without using water

No water required, no buckets, no hoses, no mess. Anthony Ali demonstrates how his waterless products work at the Knysna-Plett Herald offices.

KNYSNA NEWS - Water restrictions are unpleasant by most standards but for water-reliant businesses such as car-wash facilities, it’s a downright nightmare. You can’t very well wash a car without the indispensable liquid, now can you?
Well, apparently one can, according to local entrepreneur and waterless car-wash owner Athony Ali – who uses a series of bottled products that require no extra dosage of the previous liquid to render vehicles sparkling. Each product is specifically manufactured to clean different parts of the vehicle and Ali’s staff will come right to your doorstep to dolly up your dirty car.
Says Ali, “What people don’t understand is that water takes away the value of your vehicle because it never completely dries off, and that is what eventually leads to rust. With the water restrictions, residents and businesses should start opting for eco-friendly products.”
The Knysna-born and bred businessman who was always keen to have a carwash of his own, procured a loan last year and took a leap of faith. He obtained the products from eco-friendly vehicle specialists.
According to Ali, some people remain somewhat doubtful about the product because they wrongly believe a waterless wash will leave more scratches. “I guess to a certain extent locals are very traditional, they want to see the water and the foam in order for them to believe that the product actually works. I must say, their scepticism left me a bit discouraged but I pressed on,” said the business owner.
“It might all be a bit more costly than what some people are used to, but you will be saving on water,” Ali explained during a demonstration at the KPH offices this week.
“And we are faster – it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to finish washing a vehicle. Our products are eco-friendlier, more fun and our car wash comes to you.”
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