Student beats odds to become doctor

Hornlee's very own doctor Gineile Mopp, who qualified last year, has this advice for other youngsters: "Going after your dreams is worth the risk – take the leap of faith and give it everything you have." Photo: Supplied

KNYSNA NEWS - When their is a will there is a way and when organisations like Rotary come to the aid of dreams, anything is possible.
This is evident in the good story of a new doctor, Knysna-born and bred Gineile Mopp who qualified last year at the age of 25.
This journey, Mopp explained, did not come easy, and took perseverance and also help along the way.
“I followed in my big brother’s footsteps and went to varsity. It was a very challenging time for me: my father was retrenched from Telkom when I started high school, so my going to varsity was always in doubt,” he said.
Mopp went to Knysna primary and high schools, becoming a member of the Rotary interact club and ending up being chairperson for two years.
The young doctor said when he learnt that Rotary club had a bursary before completing his matric in 2010 he applied for it. “I always wondered where the funds would come from should I go to varsity, and when I saw the bursary I decided to take a leap of faith, and luckily for me I received the R10 000 bursary.”
He said after completing his first year at Stellenbosch University he learnt that the Cheltenham Rotary Club in the United Kingdom had a memorial bursary in honour of Martin Turner, one of their members who passed away in 2013, and that Knysna Rotary recommended him for the R30 000 bursary.
“I also had a bursary from the Western Cape health department which barely covered all my fees, so the R30 000 came in very handy. I met with two representatives from Rotary UK, Chris and Felicity Davies, with whom I managed to forge an amazing relationship. Whenever there was a financial gap they would close it, by either raising funds and/or from their own pockets. We still maintain a good relationship to this day.”
Chairperson of the bursary committee from Knysna Rotary, Elwin Thomas, said, “Every year we select a student who achieves exceptional results and Gineile has been one of our outstanding beneficiaries. He is a lovely person and we are very pleased with his achievements and are confident he’ll make an amazing doctor.”
Mopp not only obtained a medical qualification during his time at the Stellenbosch University, but he also found love in the form of now fellow doctor Canderize Arries, with whom he is doing an internship at Livingston Hospital in Port Elizabeth.
“I consider myself blessed to have met my partner during one of the most challenging times of my life. My religion and God kept me sane during this time and, of course, having her with me which is why we’re planning on getting married in 2019,” said Mopp.
When asked what word of advice he has for youth who aspire to be doctors, he said, “Going after your dreams is worth the risk – take the leap of faith and give it everything you have. Your situation doesn’t determine your endgame; you must always strive for the best… I should know, I’m living my dream.”
Proud mother Joan Mopp said, “As parents we are blessed with two boys and a beautiful daughter whom we wish will follow in her brothers' footsteps. We are really proud of Geniele’s achievements and we ask the Lord to guide him and his partner in everything they do.”

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