Deliberate fire in Knysna will burn for days

The fire which smouldered all weekend and will still smoke for a few days more after it was lit deliberately. Photo: Supplied by John Magill.

KNYSNA NEWS FLASH - When the Knysna municipality was contacted about a fire which lit up Knysna on Saturday night, it was confirmed that the fire was deliberate.
Several Facebook queries have been received by the Knysna-Plett Herald on Monday morning, May 23 while John Magill wrote: “A huge fire with clouds of billowing smoke lights up the late night of May 21, as Knysna burns its rubbish at the dump on the hill above the town. Pity the poor people who live downwind of the conflagration. The smoke was still hanging there at sunrise the next morning!”
This theory is however wrong because the fire has not been caused by controlled burning.
Knysna Acting Municipal Manager Bevan Ellman said: “It is unfortunate to confirm that the fire at the relevant site was set alight deliberately by member(s) of the community. The Fire Department responded immediately and has been doing everything it can to extinguish this difficult type of fire.
"We have three water trucks and an excavator in attendance at the dump site which poses its own unique problems in that it is a deep seated smouldering fire,” said Ellman, who said the municipality, “envisage that it will take two to three days to extinguish this fire due to the large area which must be opened up to be smothered.”
The fire was not caused by controlled burning.Photo: Supplied.
Read more in Thursday's Knysna-Plett Herald, and online.
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