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Last year a sighting was reported of a UFO over the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of Robben Island near Cape Town. (

KNYSNA NEWS - Three unexplained encounters with mysterious lights over the forest north of Knysna has left a Knysna businessman and his family curious as to what they experienced and whether they are the only people seeing strange lights in the night sky.

Their first encounter was in January 2010 when they were relaxing outside on their patio.

"It was a warm summer’s evening and absolutely pitch black. There had been extensive fires resulting in a power outage because of damage to a substation," he recalls.
It was about 21:00 in the evening when his wife suddenly shouted, "Look at that!"

"I could hear from her voice that she was alarmed. I was facing toward my wife and the house, so I needed to turn around to see what she was pointing at behind me."

Both husband and wife then observed an elongated object with a pulsating white light travelling across their garden. "It made absolutely no sound whatsoever, just emanating a soft bright light. We watched in total awe as it moved over the shrubs at our swimming pool and disappeared from sight. It was difficult to get an accurate estimate of the size, but I would guess it to be about as big as a cigar tube."

Exactly 12 months later, in January of this year, the husband and his wife had their second sighting. This time they were joined by their daughter and her friend, once again enjoying a peaceful evening on the very same porch, when two eerie orbs of lights appeared in the forest.

"My daughter and I were sitting on the same couch as my wife during the previous sighting," the man recalls. "I saw two orbs appear in the forest below our house. Again it was hard to guess their size but they were round and dark in the middle. As I watched in amazement, it was almost as if they gained power and became brighter and then slowly diminished in power until they completely disappeared. The total sighting lasted for about ten seconds... I turned to my daughter to ask if she had seen the odd looking lights too. She had hardly said "No" when the orbs appeared again. This time she did see them. She gave a shriek and grabbed my arm, pointing at them. The orbs remained lit for another few seconds before once again disappearing."

The next evening the family decided to go look for an owl’s nest, since they had heard an owl lower down the street. They speculated that the orbs may have been owl eyes. "We were walking down the road outside our house when my daughter’s friend yelled for us to look up ahead at strange lights - this time little round balls bouncing up and down as if on an invisible, giant yo-yo between the trees!"

It could be argued that there seems to have been an increase in mysterious events occurring in the skies above Knysna. As recently as last month, August, there has been another sighting of unidentifiable objects noticed from the golf course. One golfer described how three silver balls hung in the sky above the Heads. Suddenly they shot straight upwards and disappeared.

In another incident, a Heads resident described how a mysterious light hung over the lagoon at about 03:00 on a morning in March. It was visible for about 15 seconds before shooting off at great speed towards the mountains. "It disappeared like a comet, with a trail of gas behind it," the amateur astronomer said. "I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been watching the night sky for over 20 years."

Last year, two sightings of mysterious lights in Knysna were posted on the internet, one of which included a clip filmed at Lake Brenton.

One of the most famous Knysna sightings was on February 16, 1977 when an "unidentified flying object trailing smoke that seemed to plunge into the sea behind The Heads" had the community abuzz.

The mystery started at about 18:20 on a Wednesday evening when various reports were received by both the police and the NSRI of a "flying object". It dived and, according to some observers, "hit the water behind the Heads," and then disappeared. Due to the number of independent reports received an exhaustive search was started by the NSRI, but they found nothing after a long search in poor visibility and choppy seas. One of the local investigating officers at the time was quoted as saying: "That was no plane!"

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