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10 tips for strain-free screen time
10 tips for strain-free screen time
2017-02-22 12:40:00 PM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - With the festive season downtime behind us, many of us are back at work spending hour after hour staring at a computer screen.  And all too often, that means eye strain,...
Going from low- to intermediate-fitness may prolong life
Going from low- to intermediate-fitness may prolong life
2017-02-22 09:31:16 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - Improving cardiovascular fitness over time may prolong life, suggests a new study.Patients who started with low fitness levels but were able to improve to intermediate or high fitness...
Problems caused by common food additives
Problems caused by common food additives
2017-02-22 07:38:00 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - The ability of small intestine cells to absorb nutrients is 'significantly decreased' after chronic exposure to nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, a common food additive.This is just...
Osteoporosis and exercise
Osteoporosis and exercise
2017-02-22 07:12:00 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - Exercise is one of the ways to improve your physical wellbeing and it aids in great measure to get rid of ailments, aches and pains. Follow the exercise programme provided by the...
Green light for medical cannabis
Green light for medical cannabis
2017-02-21 09:38:27 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - Following the IFP’s lengthy campaign to legalise the manufacture and use of medical cannabis in South Africa, the first steps in the legalisation have been takenAccording to a...
5 good reasons why you should eat more beetroot
5 good reasons why you should eat more beetroot
2017-02-20 12:52:00 PM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - Beets are a powerhouse of nutrients that may improve your health in a variety of ways. Lowers blood pressureDrinking beetroot juice may help to lower blood pressure in a matter...
Health benefits of onions
Health benefits of onions
2017-02-20 10:03:30 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - The benefits of onions extend well beyond their ability to impart flavour into any dish. In fact, this common veggie has a range of health benefits too.Quercetin is keyThis flavanoid...
The dangers of a gluten-free diet
The dangers of a gluten-free diet
2017-02-17 12:20:00 PM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - People who eat a gluten-free diet may be at risk for increased exposure to arsenic and mercury - toxic metals that can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological effects...
Rewire your brain for permanent weight loss
Rewire your brain for permanent weight loss
2017-02-17 09:24:59 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - Most of us pick up a few extra kilos over the holiday season. For the lucky among us, the extra weight will slip off as quickly as it slipped on when we’re back in the swing of...
Worrying trend: 'Bluetooth' drug-sharing
Worrying trend: 'Bluetooth' drug-sharing
2017-02-16 09:30:05 AM
LIFESTYLE NEWS - The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) have issued a warning about the serious dangers involved in the practice of 'bluetooth'.This new drug-sharing trend involves drug...

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