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'Ambassadors' to help residents save water

'Ambassadors' to help residents save water
These water ambassadors are part of a group of 27 deployed by the Knysna municipality to help raise awareness about the town's water situation, among other duties. Photo: Supplied
KNYSNA NEWS - The Knysna municipality has deployed 27 water ambassadors to assist with their ongoing Greater Kysna water awareness campaign.
These ambassadors, all sourced from the community work programme (CWP) database, started patrolling various Greater Knysna wards from Monday, April 10. They can be easily recognised by their CWP orange reflector jackets and identity cards that include the municipal logo.
Mayoral committee member: technical services, councillor Levael Davis explained: "As many of you may have read in the media and our social media pages, the Knysna municipality implemented level 3 water restrictions on Monday, March 20. This was a result of the extreme low flow of Greater Knysna rivers and the low level of the Akkerkloof Dam.
"The municipality immediately embarked on a water awareness campaign to educate residents on what exactly level 3 water restrictions entail.
The deployment of CWP water ambassadors is one of the various interventions that the municipality undertook in dealing with Greater Knsyna's water crisis."
The main function of the water ambassadors will be to create awareness regarding the current water situation by educating the residents with regard to water-saving advice. They will also collect data regarding water and sewerage leaks, create awareness regarding water-restricting devices that are planned to be installed in the previously unmetered areas, and further collect demographic data per ward.
Water stats taken on April 9 indicated that the Akkerkloof Dam is 39% full, the average consumption for Knysna is above the 10Ml/day target, and is currently at 11.9Ml/day. Sedgefield's water usage is also above its target of 1.9Ml/day, and is currently 2.48Ml/day. Greater Knysna rivers have very low flow at present.
Davis pleaded with residents, visitors and businesses to continue to save water.
"Saving water is everybody's responsibility. Let's work together and save our precious resource."
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10:03 (GMT+2), Fri, 21 April 2017
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