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Letters to the editor

Have your say by writing a letter to our editor. Letters can cover any topic and can be up to 250 words long. You can also get involved in the conversation by commenting on other’s letters. Opinions expressed in letters are the opinions of the writers and do not represent the opinions of the Knysna-Plett Herald or its publishers. Letters submitted online will not necessarily be published in the newspaper.

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Hout Bay resident a Knysna cleaning hero
14:29 Tue, 17 January 2017
Allan McCabe writes:  I, along with a lot of others, really enjoyed seeing in the new year with family and friends. We got to bed after 01:00 and...
Lightweight wheelchairs a blessing for Hospice patients
14:02 Tue, 17 January 2017
Hospice Knysna-Sedgefield writes: We would like to sincerely thank the MG Car Club and Duncan Paton for coordinating the purchasing of two...
Firefighters our unsung heroes
08:31 Thu, 12 January 2017
The Ebenezer team writes:  Over the festive season, when we are all relaxing and enjoying ourselves, there is an unsung group of dedicated...
Wheelchair parking not wheelchair-friendly
08:31 Thu, 12 January 2017
Steve Norton writes:  Every second Wednesday I drop off, and later collect, my mom from the hairdresser in the Ou Fabriek. She is in a...
Barking dogs: estate''s house rules not applied
08:31 Thu, 12 January 2017
Lawrie Cremen writes:  My sympathies go to you regarding dogs yapping and barking repetitively.  We live on a prestigious estate in...
Upper Old Place drain water woes
08:31 Thu, 12 January 2017
Jacques du Toit wrote on Facebook:  What is the ongoing problem with the drains in Upper Old Place above the corner of Stinkhout and...
Bitou council, please make ratepayers proud again
11:42 Wed, 21 December 2016
Charl van Deventer writes:  I remember the day that our mayor was hoisted up in the air and unveiled the beautiful statue of the dolphins...
Clinic year-end lunch to detriment of patients
11:42 Wed, 21 December 2016
Mark Pretorious writes:  On Friday, December 9 at 13:50 I went to the clinic because my nose would just not stop bleeding, I was dizzy and...
Municipal housing standards questioned
08:15 Thu, 15 December 2016
Curlew court resident writes:  The Knysna-Plett Herald of November 17 refers.  The official responsible for Mr Luiters'' eviction clearly...
KPS a prime example of how a school should be run
08:15 Thu, 15 December 2016
John Graham writes:  Yet again another year has flown past (they go quicker as you get older!). I have happily been involved with Knysna Primary...

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