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Letters to the editor

Have your say by writing a letter to our editor. Letters can cover any topic and can be up to 250 words long. You can also get involved in the conversation by commenting on other’s letters. Opinions expressed in letters are the opinions of the writers and do not represent the opinions of the Knysna-Plett Herald or its publishers. Letters submitted online will not necessarily be published in the newspaper.

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Thank you, Knysna hospital
10:38 Thu, 27 April 2017
Rike Boshoff writes:  I would like to take this opportunity to place a letter of gratitude to thank the Knysna Provincial Hospital for their...
Choo-Tjoe: Edge article erroneous
10:38 Thu, 27 April 2017
Alan McVitty of Classic Rail Tourism writes:  The recent article in The Edge (Sedgefield) is a historic article prepared by Martin Hatchuel and...
Respect for your dog box
10:38 Thu, 27 April 2017
John Graham writes:  I am an avid reader of Knysna-Plett Herald, and support journalism in downgraded South Africa, especially with all the...
Hospital bottleneck solution
10:37 Thu, 27 April 2017
Gerald Logan writes:  The bottleneck in front of the Knysna Provincial Hospital caused by the west-east single lane of approximately 100m in...
No protection for mothers, children
10:16 Thu, 20 April 2017
Maintenance office victim writes:  The plight and future of divorced and single mothers, and their children, are being utterly destroyed by the...
Front page best in a long time
10:16 Thu, 20 April 2017
Henry writes:  Your front page April Fool''s write-up was hilarious. One of the best I have seen for a long time. Some good humour is needed...
Disaster Fund touched by tremendous help
10:16 Thu, 20 April 2017
Knysna Disaster Fund writes:  The local victim support unit (VSU) at SAPS Knysna offices was delighted with a visit recently from ChemDry....
Sedgefield needs higher police presence
10:15 Thu, 20 April 2017
Mike Young writes:  I found your article in this week''s issue of great interest because of one word which did not appear – Sedgefield....
Goeie diens met ''n glimlag
08:56 Thu, 13 April 2017
Antionett Kraft van Karatara skryf:  In hierdie negatiewe tyd waardeur ons tans gaan, is daar darem nog ligpunte wat ons sommer weer positief...
What happened to sense of humour?
08:56 Thu, 13 April 2017
Ivy Caplen of Sedgefield writes:  I am absolutely astounded at the letters published in Knysna-Plett Herald recently, slating Elaine King for...

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