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A conversation between two radio presenters this week left me perplexed. They were discussing the fact that from 5200m upwards on Mount Everest, there is 4G connectivity. The intention is "to protect mountain climber safety", but what is under the spotlight now is that those planning "an adventure trip to climb the Mount Everest, can then have a live video chat with friends from the summit".In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the - Read more...
14:52 (GMT+2), Thu, 27 April 2017
It's a long weekend so go walk in the forest and hug a tree! This is actually not one of those schmaltzy cliché things to say, but a very real soul-renewing exercise.Where we live has to be one of the most magical places ever because of the easy access to nature – beaches and forests – and yet how lazy and complacent does one get after living on the Garden Route for a while.Beaches are perfect for summer, but with winter approaching there are - Read more...
15:51 (GMT+2), Wed, 26 April 2017
Bewustheid, vriendelikheid en egte omgee vir jou medemens is skaars, veral in hedendaagse tye waar haat, persoonlike griewe en bewuste seermaak so maklik 'n mens se bestaan kan oorskadu. Dit is nie aldag maklik om in vandag se samelewing bloot 'n goeie mens te wees nie - soms verg dit werk en diep introspeksie, dit vat ware vergifnis en medemenslikheid - iets wat mens somtyds net regkry met ware geloof en genade. Om te vergewe is nie altyd - Read more...
11:38 (GMT+2), Wed, 26 April 2017
There's one intriguing thing about my Heidi's Facebook: It now and then features photographs of forgotten family and friends taken many moons ago. Yes, "forgotten" is the key word. How can family be lost in the memory bank?  Friends, yes. It happens after long periods without contact, but surely not members of one's ancestry? At three in the morning the answer to this unforgiveable phenomenon (to family traditionalists, that is) came to me - Read more...
12:19 (GMT+2), Tue, 25 April 2017
Today I made a decision that has to be in my ‘Top 5 hardest things to do’ list. I had to tell a friend something that she probably didn’t want to hear. Albeit not completely unexpected.  It was so hard. I had to take a deep breath and simply rake together every inch of guts I had in my body to tell her what I had to.  Although not completely bad news and by far not the worst news she’s ever heard, it still didn’t make it any easier. Especially - Read more...
14:35 (GMT+2), Mon, 24 April 2017
Die boere kry so swaar, hulle vat aan die snykant van die mes. My Karoo-oupa het so gesê. Hy was ‘n ou knorpiet, maar gevat om dinge treffend op te som. As ‘n mens in die Tuinroete woon, is die knellende droogte wat Suid-Afrikaanse boere in ‘n wurgggreep het, iets waarvan jy vervlietend kennis neem op die daaglikse nuus. Dit ontvang ‘n jammerlike tongklik voor die fokus verskuif na groter ellendes - moord, roof en verkragting. En dan is jou - Read more...
08:05 (GMT+2), Fri, 21 April 2017
Chatterbox by Tanya Watson
When was the last time you did something for someone else?   Something selfless, something you didn't want anything in return for? Be honest    It's not so easy, I know, but man, that feeling you get when you do - nothing beats it!   Watch this video below - maybe it will inspire you do something for a complete stranger it definitely inspired me!        - Read more...
12:08 (GMT+2), Thu, 20 April 2017
'n Skrywer sê: 'Ons bestuur tyd, mors tyd, spandeer tyd en spaar tyd. Ons wens die tyd wil kom, ons wens die tyd wil verbygaan, ons sien hoe die tyd vlieg, ons voel hoe tyd stilstaan. Ons hou horlosies dop en dra kalenders rond en tog beheer God tyd. Hy het tyd geskep en sy skeppings word in sy tyd gelei en deur sy liefdevolle hand gerig.  Ons word deur onverwagte ontwikkelinge verras, maar God word nooit, selfs deur die mees rampspoedige - Read more...
13:02 (GMT+2), Tue, 18 April 2017
Today I am writing bluntly from the heart about a very personal issue - for me writing is also healing. The past few years I have literally been to hell and back and survived.  I ended up heavy medicated for various 'illnesses', which I now know could have been avoided. No one is completely 'normal'. We all have our cracks, but so what - when there is a crack, the light shines through. The past 11 days I was recovering from multiple chemical - Read more...
09:54 (GMT+2), Tue, 18 April 2017
Life in the Slow Lane by Cliff Buchler
At last. Some exciting news from food fundis. No, no new diets to implode chunks of lard in the arteries allowing the blood a free ride. These abound in books that’ve made their authors millionaires. Just the thought gives me heartburn. This new discovery pleases me because it’s close to home, the product is at hand, and for a poor hack, cheap. It not only stimulates, but keeps the cerebrum youthful. And my mom spread it on sarmies for school – - Read more...
09:52 (GMT+2), Tue, 18 April 2017
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